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5 Key Features About HPTLC Photodocumentation System

by | Jan 11, 2023

What are the 5 Best Things About the HPTLC Photo Documentation System?                                                                                   

HPTLC is the only chromatographic technique that allows us to see/record results in the form of pictures. Visual detection and image recording are one of the best features of the HPTLC system. For image documentation, a suitable image acquisition system can be used e.g. CAMAG smartDigi or CAMAG visualizer.

HPTLC analysis should be carried out in a stepwise/sequential manner. The main important steps of analysis are application, development, photo documentation, scanning and derivatization if required. CAMAG HPTLC system comprises various instruments which are used for different steps.

Photo documentation can be done in different scenarios i.e. before the application, of the clean plate to make sure that there are no impurities on the plate, after plate development in a suitable mobile phase and after derivatization in white light/366 nm.

For TLC/HPTLC photo documentation CAMAG visualizer can be used.

5 Key Features About HPTLC Photodocumentation System  :

  • Simple to use: Visualizer is pretty simple to use. Images can be taken for the plates for the dimension 20×20, 20 x10 and 10 x10 cm size plates. Images can be taken for glass plates and aluminium plates. Images are recorded in reflectance/transmittance mode for aluminium and glass plates respectively. Images are captured in short UV i.e.254nm, long UV i.e.366nm and in white light.
  • High dynamic range imaging (HDRI)-Visualizer takes 3-5 different images under different light exposures and digitally combines all images to give a properly exposed image in which we can check the response of the compounds which are present in even low quantities. In the same image, very light and highly intense bands can be seen at the same time because of HDRI imaging. For image acquisition, high-quality 12-bit CCD camera is provided at the top of the visualizer.
  • Clean plate correction-Before starting analysis it is recommended to take an image and of blank/clean plate and after development in a suitable mobile phase. The visionCATS software then subtracts the image of the clean plate from the developed/finished plate for background subtraction.
  • Regulatory compliance: As the image acquisition system is automatic and software controlled, the visualizer is IQ/OQ qualified and compliant with 21 CFR part 11. Also, it meets all requirements to be used in a cGMP/cGLP environment.
  • Comparison viewer: With CAMAG visualizer 1/2 unit, vision cast software offers an image comparison viewer. This feature enables users to compare images of different plates, and analyses done on different samples or on different days.

Even the analysis done by different analysts in the same or different labs can also be compared, simultaneously on the same screen. This helps user fa or comparison and a better understanding the results.

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