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Automate Your Analytical Processes with the Continuous Flow Analyzer

by | Jul 20, 2023

Automatic Continuous Flow Wet Chemistry Analyzer

In the world of analytical chemistry, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Laboratories dealing with various sample matrices, such as sea water, drinking water, wastewater, environmental samples, soil, food, beverages, tobacco, and more, face the challenge of testing different parameters accurately and efficiently. Manual sample preparation methods can be complex and time-consuming. However, a revolutionary solution has emerged—the AMS Alliance FUTURA 3 Continuous Flow Analyzer.

This cutting-edge instrument automates the testing process, providing a complete and reliable solution for laboratories seeking streamlined operations.

Each FUTURA 3 console integrates a high precision 3-speed peristaltic pump (medium, fast (startup and washout more speed) and slow (for low consumption of reagents)), a removable drawer for reagents, an analytical manifold, a heater, a detector, and a built-in display for the presentation of essential diagnostics data.

Streamlining Analytical Processes with automation, Enhancing Laboratory Productivity :

The AMS Alliance FUTURA 3 Continuous Flow Analyzer has become the go-to tool for laboratories seeking to optimize their operations. FUTURA 3 has programmable start-up and shut-down  capability, allowing it to provide unattended, reliable operation, and overnight testing.  

It comes with programmable preparation of standard solutions (using digestion or in-line distillation module), pre- and post-dilution of off-scale samples, and automatic rinsing, thus eliminating the manual sample preparation methods which often hinder laboratory productivity due to their complexity and time-consuming nature.  

With its automated workflow, the instrument can process a large number of samples in a short period (up to 120 samples/hour), reducing turnaround times and saving resources significantly. Laboratory personnel can now focus on more critical tasks while the analyzer handles the routine aspects of the analysis. This streamlined workflow improves overall productivity, allowing for faster and more accurate results.

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Versatile Sample Matrices:

One of the most significant challenges faced by analytical laboratories is the diverse range of sample matrices they encounter. Whether it’s sea water, drinking water, wastewater, environmental samples, soil, food, beverages, tobacco, or any other complex sample, the FUTURA 3 Analyzer excels in delivering precise and reliable results.

It is designed to handle a wide variety of parameters, making it a versatile tool for laboratories dealing with multiple sample types.

Drinking WaterWaste WaterSea WaterSoil/ FertilizerTobaccoWineDairy
AmmoniaAmmoniaAmmoniaAmmoniaAmmoniaEnzymatic sugarsNitrate
Nitrates/Nitrite, TKNNitrates/Nitrite, TKNNitrates/Nitrite, TKNNitrates/Nitrite, TKNNitriteFree total SO2Nitrite
Phosphate, TP, TNPhosphate, TP, TNPhosphate, TP, TNPhosphate, TP, TNCyanideVolatile acidityFormaldehyde
MBASMBASSilicatesCrStarchReducing sugars
PhenolChlorideKSorbic acid

And many more…

Reliable and Accurate Results:

The AMS Alliance FUTURA 3 Continuous Flow Analyzer is renowned for its unwavering reliability and accuracy. By automating the testing process, the instrument minimizes the chances of human error, ensuring consistent and dependable results. The analyzer employs cutting-edge technology, such as UV/Visible Colorimeter with 340 – 1100 nm, Flame photometer (Potassium and Sodium analysis) and Fluorometer to perform high-quality analyses with utmost precision.

Laboratories can trust the FUTURA 3 to deliver accurate and reproducible results, meeting the stringent requirements of analytical chemistry. Sophisticated design and software dedicated to CFA technology guarantees the lowest level of detection and is comparable to reference methods. It is Compliant with reference methods: ISO, EPA, AFNOR, APAHA, OIV, CORESTA

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Advanced Features and User-Friendly Interface:

  1. High Modularity:  Each console has a single changeable manifold and up to 14 consoles can be run simultaneously from a single work station.Modularity and high throughput improve laboratory productivity.
  2. It has method-dedicated analytical manifolds which can be customized to perform Injection, Dilution, Mixing, Incubation, Distillation, Dialysis, UV Digestion, Liquid/ Liquid Extraction etc.
  3. It includes a range of auto-samplers to match your laboratory’s current and future needs as well. Optional dual probe on all auto-samplers.
  4. High Performance: high throughput, up to 120 samples/hour with auto-sampler, full automation of routine and complex chemistries
  5. High precision 3-speed peristaltic pump.
  6. Three detectors,
    1. UV/Visible Colorimeter (in-standard)
      1. Standard Range: 340 – 1100 nm
      2. Type: Monochromatic or dichromatic
      3. Optical Path: From 5 to 50 mml
      4. Flow Cell Volume: From 1 to 150 µl
      5. Linearity: From 0 to 2.5 Absorbance Units
      6. Debubbling: Mechanical or software control; built-in bubble detector
    2. Flame photometer for Potassium and Sodium analysis
    3. Fluorometer
  7. Advanced Software:
    1. User-friendly, efficient and powerful analytical software dedicated to CFA technology.
    2. Prepares calibration standards, runs samples and quality controls, dilutes any off-scale samples, prints reports and QC charts, exports data to LIMS, washes out the manifold and shuts down.
    3. During analysis, the software monitors the system’s vital signs (heating bath temperature, voltages, detector outputs) and alerts the user to any problem.
  8. Wide range of samplers and accessories.
  9. Integrated reagent drawers to minimize spills.

How Automatic Continuous Flow Wet Chemistry Analyzer works

To perform a Continuous Flow Analysis, the FUTURA 3 console must be combined with an auto-sampler that will receive all the samples, and, if required, a series of sample preparation systems based on the chosen method. All external modules can be controlled by the FUTURA software using the Auto Module (optional).


The AMS Alliance FUTURA 3 Continuous Flow Analyzer has revolutionized the world of analytical chemistry by providing laboratories with an efficient, reliable, and versatile solution. With its automation capabilities, the instrument streamlines testing processes and enhances productivity, allowing laboratory personnel to focus on more critical tasks.

Its ability to handle diverse sample matrices and deliver accurate results ensures its indispensability in various industries. By investing in the FUTURA 3 Analyzer, laboratories can significantly improve their operations, stay ahead of the competition, and drive advancements in the field of analytical chemistry.



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