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by | Sep 7, 2021

Moving on from the classical HPTLC systems used for research, CAMAG has developed the new fully automated HPTLC PRO system for hassle-free testing of multiple samples. The HPTLC PRO system is a patented technology which is best suited for routine Quality Control analytes extracted from complex matrices, providing reproducible and reliable results. The HPTLC PRO system can at a single time support 75 samples, up to 5 plates, and up to three independent developing solvents without intervention. It can also support derivatization, MS coupling, and plate storage. It is the first fully automated HPTLC system worldwide.

The system has the following modules:

  1. Application: The application module has a capacity of 75 vials designed for autonomous application of multiple samples on 5 different plates. The plate storage module is attached to the application module which directly gets the plates. This can support the application of more than 200 samples per day on 20X10 glass plates. To ensure highly precise application of samples as narrow bands, the module has a laser-controlled application of samples with an optimal spraying distance. The needle distance and dosage speed will vary depending on the sample and solvent used. In order to avoid cross-contamination, the syringe generates a highly effective separation bubble between the rinsing solvent and the sample solution; the syringe is also cleaned after each application. The Application module can be used as a stand-alone system or as a part of the HPTLC PRO module. In case there are two or more modules connected, the plate moves via a conveyer belt from one module to another.
  2. Development: The development step is a very crucial step in the HPTLC analysis. Parameters such as the chamber selected and its configuration determine the separation and ability to reproduce the chromatography, the gas phase also significantly affects the separation. The aim of the automatic chamber i.e. CAMAG HPTLC PRO Module Development is to make sure the development is more reproducible and independent of human interaction. In the automatic chamber, the activity if the stationary phase can be adjusted, and the gas phase can also be actively circulated during development to have an effect on the separation of the analytes.

Plate Storage: The plate storage can hold two portable stackers for five clean and five processed HPTLC glass plates.

Software: CAMAG visionCATS software supports the HPTLC PRO Analysis and manages all the data modules.

We at Anchrom have the HPTLC PRO Application & Development module at our India specific HPTLC Application center in Mumbai, becoming the world’s first dealer to install this instrument except for CAMAG.

The next modules of the CAMAG HPTLC PRO system is as follows:

●        Derivatization: Expected launch in 2021

●        Detection: Expected launch in 2022

●        MS-Interface: Expected launch in 2022



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