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Food Colors Detection and Quantification

by | Aug 12, 2022

Synthetic colours like Carmoisine, Sunset Yellow FCF and Brilliant blue FCF are FSSAI permitted colours to be used in food products. These colours are added to food to make food products more appealing to consumers. The FSSAI has set a limit of 100 ppm for the usage of these food colours. Identification and quantification of these food colours in the food products can be efficiently performed by HPTLC. 

HPTLC identification and quantification of Carmoisine, Sunset Yellow FCF and Brilliant Blue FCF was performed in Halwa Barfi (sweet)and Kala khatta (syrup) sample.
After plate development, Brilliant blue FCF, Sunset Yellow FCF, and Carmoisine are separated at Rf 0.34, 0.39, 0.45 respectively in standard mixture (combination standard) and respective food samples. Carmoisine and Sunset Yellow FCF is detected in Halwa Barfi and Brilliant blue FCF is detected in Kala Khatta sample. Quantification was done at λ max values of (Carmoisine) 516nm, (Sunset Yellow FCF) 427nm and (Brilliant Blue FCF) 630 nm.
The concentration of Carmoisine and Sunset yellow FCF added in Halwa Barfi was detected at 8.28ppm and 3.91ppm respectively. In Kala Khatta samples, the concentration of brilliant blue FCF detected is 5.25ppm. 

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