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HPTLC Advantages And Analysis Of Drugs

by | Jun 20, 2022

What is HPTLC?

High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is the modern version of TLC wherein the principals are same but the practice is fully automated and GLP/USP/EP compliant.

Unique Features of HPTLC:

Unique features of HPTLC are that it is the fastest, simplest, most economical and flexible, “visible” technique which can analyse in parallel more than 100 samples. It is risk free and multiple detections can be made without repeating chromatogram.

HPTLC is used for the analysis of non-volatile organics such as pharmaceuticals, APIs, botanicals, forensics, foods, speciality chemicals, etc. for establishing purity, impurities, fingerprint, identification, quantification and reverse engineering.

After doing single analysis, analyst gets many data points. Data is obtained at 254nm, 366nm, in white light and after derivatization in white light or at 366nm. Spectral evaluation is also possible, as it has wide scanning range starting from 190-900nm.

Advantages of HPTLC for New Drug Discovery and Analysis of Drugs:

HPTLC is one of the best sophisticated chromatographic technique which offers following advantages for new drug discovery and analysis of drugs.

•    Latest generation equipment with USP compliant software
•    21 CFR rule 11 compliant designed for rapid analysis, more output at reduced cost
•    Documentation and control of devices monitored by software
•    Any sample is acceptable
•    Visible chromatography
•    Scanner for quantification
•    Post/Pre chromatographic derivatization is simple and easy to perform
•    MS/MS-MS hyphenation
•    HPTLC can be couple with bioactivity studies like antioxidant, antidiabetic or anti Alzheimer ‘studies etc..

Anchrom Enterprises has developed and worked with many Scientists from all over India for HPTLC applications in Drug Analysis.
It is India-specific HPTLC Applications Research Centre based in Mumbai. Please contact us at lab@anchrom.in



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