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HPTLC Analysis in India                 

by | Dec 28, 2022

India-specific HPTLC Application Lab, Mulund, Mumbai

Anchrom is the official distributor/supplier of CAMAG HPTLC instruments. The world’s first Application Lab by a dealer was established by Anchrom in 1989. As a part of voluntary corporate social responsibility, Anchrom provides subsidized HPTLC analysis.

We offer this facility to postgraduate students, teachers, PhD students/Researchers and persons from industries or other eligible persons. This India-specific HPTLC Applications Research Lab has contributed significantly towards the Indian chromatographers’ community.

In our India-specific Anchrom Lab, we are total a team of 14 analysts with 2 PhD. We have state of an art Application Research Lab at Mulund, Mumbai. You all are welcome to visit our laboratory. In our application research lab, we have a full range of CAMAG HPTLC instruments starting from basic to advance systems.

We have CAMAG Linomat 5/ATS4 for application, CAMAG TTC (Twin Trough chambers of 10 x10, 20×10 and 20×20 cm), ADC2 (Automatic development chamber ) for controlled development, SmartDigi and TLC visualizer 1 & 2 for photo documentation, TLC Scanner 4 for quantification and spectral evaluation.

The lab is equipped with TLC-MS Interface 2 for mass identification of separated analytes. As the TLC-MS interface is compatible with any commercial make of MS we have tied up with industries like IIT Bombay, Shimadzu and Waters for MS analysis.

Thousands of samples have been analyzed at our lab, free of charge between 1994-2015 and at subsidized charges after 2015. Until now we have analyzed thousands of diverse samples including herbal, food, pharma, forensic and cosmetic samples.

This lab enables everyone to evaluate HPTLC, CAMAG and Anchrom before they decide to buy HPTLC. This lab is the reason why CAMAG-Anchrom have more than a 95% share of the Indian market for decades.

Free training on the latest CAMAG HPTLC has been given by us since 1994 to post-graduate and PhD students, their teachers and government lab employees. New method development is our forte and commercial sample analysis is not done by us. Concerned persons are welcome to be present during their analysis.

We have analysed > 900 different substances, analysed > 12,000 samples and trained free of charge, > 5000 analysts. Anchrom intends to be the world leader in routine HPTLC applications. Another concrete step in that direction is the installation of the latest “CAMAG PRO” HPTLC system in November 2019. It is the world’s first installation outside CAMAG.

Besides Anchrom lab, visit us at HPTLC LABs for other commercial labs all over India which offer HPTLC analysis.

Anchrom Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is one of the leaders in HPTLC analysis. Please contact us at lab@anchrom.in for HPTLC analysis of plant extracts, drugs, ingredients in cosmetics, and forensic science.


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