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HPTLC Installation Process

by | Sep 23, 2021

HPTLC installation: An insight that will cover the entire process of installation of a standard HPTLC system (Applicator Development device, Documentation Device and Accessories).

After the purchase order is received as per terms and conditions, Anchrom delivers the modules to the place of installation. The HPTLC system is shipped directly from CAMAG Switzerland to customers with inspection done at Head office. Other accessories like PC, printer and installation prerequisites are taken care of locally by our specialized service team.

CAMAG trained and certified engineer is responsible for installation of the HPTLC system. The specialized engineers and administration team make sure the customer laboratory is set up and ready for HPTLC instrumentation and applications. Once the goods are delivered, our Service Engineers spend 3-4 days in installation depending on the system.

Installation process involves steps like whether all the modules are functional and ready to use. A pharma customer typically requires computer system validation, which is done by the customer’s IT Team. After the process of clearance from the IT department, the validated Computer in which the installation has to be done, is handed over to Service engineers who install the visionCATS software in it. 

Instrument licensing is performed online by our specialized team of service engineers and instruments, after the connection of all modules. After this step, engineers perform IQ & OQ -Installation qualification and Operation Qualification. The purpose of this is to establish documented evidence that the analytical equipment is installed properly, operates according to requirements, and performs safely. IQ validates that the instrument is correctly installed and OQ validates whether the instrument operates correctly. Firstly, IQ and OQ is performed for software and hardware, and then it is verified and authorized by the QA department.

After the diagnostics reports are passed, 21 CFR Part 11 compliances, which is, must for all the pharma customers, are enforced into the software. Training is given to QA, QC and IT personnel on 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and enforcement.

Service report is generated and signed by the concerned authority stating HPTLC installation was completed and the instrument is functioning smoothly.

Education and Government institutes have the same procedure for installation. PC and printer are taken care of by Anchrom engineers and Installation is carried out in a similar way. Diagnostics are performed and service reports are generated. This summarizes the process of HPTLC system installation by the Service Department.


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