The AMS Alliance SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer: Unveiling the Wonders of Wet Chemistry

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The AMS Alliance SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer: Unveiling the Wonders of Wet Chemistry

by | Jun 30, 2023


In the realm of scientific analysis, wet chemistry has long been a stalwart method for unraveling the mysteries of chemical composition.

Typically carried out in a laboratory, wet chemistry techniques encompass a range of manual processes such as pipetting, mixing, and separating components of mixtures using liquid reagents, most of these processes are manual and thus, are prone to human errors, such as incorrect pipetting, timing, or mixing.

The AMS Alliance SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer is a High Capacity Automated Wet Chemistry Platform for automated photometric and electrochemical analysis. SmartChem® consolidates different techniques from the laboratory into a single platform, optimizing your laboratory operation in terms of running samples, calibrations, standards, maintenance, and operator training.

There are tabletop and stand-alone Smartchem® analyzers that offers complete analytical solutions with ready-to-use reagents. They run from 160 to 600 tests per hour and have different loading capacities for samples and reagents.

What are the features of SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer series?

  1. Ready-to-use reagents for various methods.
  2. Low water consumption.
  3. Automated platform capable of handling multiple parameters.
  4. Utilizes both photometric and electrochemistry analysis.
  5. Integrated barcode reader for reagents and samples that enables Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  6. Automated start-up for quick instrument readiness.
  7. Automated decision-making for retesting out-of-range results.
  8. Programmable and monitored cuvette wash module.
  9. Reagent inventory system with liquid level sensing.
  10. Time-saving optimization for techniques such as pH, conductivity, and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Applications Of SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer series

The SmartChem® Series has gained extensive popularity in automating traditionally performed wet chemistry testing across a range of laboratories, encompassing environmental, industrial, and research settings.

This includes crucial applications such as regulatory compliance and quality control testing.

Its applications include, but are not limited to:

  1. Water and environmental
  2. Soil extracts, plant extracts, and fertilizers
  3. Food and feed
  4. Beverages, wine and beer
  5. Clinical

Parameters it can work on

Fluoride pH (ISE Module)pH (ISE Module)Potassium
AmmoniaNitrates (Cadmium coil)ORP (ISE Module)
ChlorideNitrates (Hydrazine)Sulphates
OrthophosphateSilicateChromium VI 
Color IndexNitrates (Vanadium)Conductivity (ISE Module)
and many more…

SmartChem® Ready-to-Use Reagents and Regulatory Methods

SmartChem series comes with the following ready to use reagents which are approved by the regulatory methods such as ISO 15923, EPA, APHA etc.

  1. Alkalinity (BPB)
  2. Alkalinity (MO)
  3. Ammonia
  4. Chloride
  5. Chromium VI
  6. Fluoride
  7. Hardness
  8. Nitrite
  9. Orthophosphate
  10. Silicate
  11. Sulphate
  12. TON (Hydrazine)
  13. TON (Cadmium)

How does the SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer works?

The SmartChem® Series uses direct read photometry, utilizing a true discrete, direct read measurement system and reusable, high-purity optical cuvettes, eliminating compromised sample measurement.

SmartChem® simplifies your laboratory’s work in a short series of steps:

  1. Load samples and reagents in your SmartChem®
  2. Set up your test
  3. Load your work program in the SmartChem® software
  4. Launch your programmed routine
  5. Get the results

The SmartChem® Series includes three different models that allow different configurations:

Benefits of using the SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity through automated instrument.
  2. Guaranteed stability, reproducibility and traceability with our ready-to-use dedicated reagents.
  3. Free-up your staff from tedious and repetitive tasks.
  4. Microlitre reactions – Reduced reagent usage and waste generation.
  5. Improved cost efficiency and environmental footprint.
  6. Full LIMS integration.
  7. Automated out-of-range retesting decision making.
  8. Optimization of time-consuming techniques such as pH, Cond, ORP.

Upgrade your wet chemistry analysis with the AMS Alliance SmartChem® Discrete Analyzer. Contact Anchrom Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, the exclusive supplier of laboratory equipment.

Email us at and elevate your laboratory efficiency today.


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