HPTLC analysis

About CAMAG Switzerland

Thin layer chromatography

Prof. Egon Stahl made Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) very very useful and popular by analysing thousands of compounds and publishing the data in a book in the ‘60s. High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is the modern version of TLC wherein the principals are same but the practice is fully automated and GLP/USP/EP compliant. As a liquid chromatography technique, HPTLC can analyse most non volatile organic samples. Its differential aspects are:

  • "Chromatography" is visible and simple
  • Little or no sample preparation
  • Analysis of dozens of samples, concurrently
  • "Chromatogram" immobilized on the plate
  • Upto 8 detection modes, without repeating chromatography
  • HPTLC Fingerprint- chemical composition of mixtures, represented as photographic images
  • Very low cost of analysis and maintenance
  • One HPTLC can be used simultaneously for 5-6 different sample analysis and persons
  • Zero risk chromatography. Samples cannot contaminate or cross-contaminate
  • Very high throughput. 100-120 samples/shift
  • Urgent samples don’t affect ongoing analysis

CAMAG, the world’s pioneer and leader in HP-TLC software and instrumentation researched and designed instruments to take advantage of all above unique aspects.

CAMAG, manufactures in Switzerland manual, semi-automatic, automatic and recently completely automatic software controlled HPTLC Systems and certain special accessories like HPTLC-MS, Gradient Chamber, Method Development Chamber, Bioluminizer.