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DBS MS 500


Dried Blood Spot testing uses dry spots of blood on a paper card instead of liquid blood/plasma. It is an easy way of collecting, shipping and storing blood samples.
DBS has several advantages over collection of liquid blood.

DBS-MS 500 Liquid Blood
Handling Room Temperature Requires cold storage
Shipment By courier or post Requires cold supply chain
Biosafety Can be handled with sample gloves Requires bio-safety equipment
Volume of blood required Low: perhaps 0.1 mL High: Deveral mL
Danger of handling Low: Bacteria/viruses get deactivated after drying Medium: Liquid blood must be handled carefully

CAMAG DBS-MS 500 HCT enables a fully automated system capable of barcode based sample ID, automated spraying of an internal standard to the blood spot, followed by sample extraction. The extract is guided online to an analytical system of choice (i.e MS/MS- MS/LC-MS/PAL-ELISA), and the system is cleaned after each extraction to ensure zero carryover.

It’s applications are enormous, from newborn screening, dope testing of athletes, drug testing, serological surveys, therapeutic drug monitoring etc.

Experience cutting edge automation and technology in the biological matrix of blood and urine with CAMAG DBS-MS 500 HCT.

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Application Notes

Please find below the application notes for the multiple ways in which DBS MS 500 HCT is useful

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DBS AN Automated analysis of phosphatidylethanol in dried blood spots for alcohol consumption behavior assessment
DBS AN Automated dried blood spot analysis for anti doping testing
DBS AN Fully automated dried blood spot sample handling and extraction for serological testing of SARS CoV 2 antibodies
DBS AN Fully automated hematocrit correction for dried blood spots