Anchrom HPTLC

Every technical person needs to be up to date with the technological developments taking place in many fields.

HPTLC is one area where Anchrom has taken up the task of educating India since 1978 and making India, a world leader.

Our activities towards this goal are as follows:

HPTLC chromatography

Participating in exhibitions.

HPTLC procedure

HPTLC analysis at our HPTLC Research Centre.


Providing resource person to speak on HPTLC, without any charge, all over India.

HPTLC instrumentation

Free training at our India-specific HPTLC Applications Research Lab to eligible persons. Please feel free to contact us.

HPTLC principle

Conducting our own seminars and deminars (demo + seminar) all over India in colleges, universities, government labs and institutions, at our cost. You may please invite us.