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DBS MS 500

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Welcome to the page designed to make your HPTLC learning simple, easy to understand and practical.

This informative page is intended to enhance the HPTLC users knowledge about the instrument and techniques. Different application notes for Identification, Fingerprint and Quantification analysis. Youtube videos to guide you and explain unknown details of the technique. Information purposefully to benefit and to direct utilization of your analytical requirements.

Experience cost effective, environmental friendly and multidimensional output analysis.

Complex research simplified

  • Isolate compounds with minimum hassle.
  • Study behaviour of compounds without animal study/gravimetric techniques.
  • Understand phyochemical nature of compounds during investigation.
  • Explore unknown molecules with HPTLC-MS and many more.
DBS MS 500

Various types of analysis can be done by HPTLC such as HPTLC fingerprint, quantification, validation studies, impurity profiling, stability studies, limit test, content uniformity tests, forced degradation studies and class of compounds analysis. Effect directed analysis such as DPPH assay (antioxidant assay) and bioautography. You can explore some of the most common methods by downloading the below PDFs.

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HPTLC as an analytical technique has multiple applications. Please find below the various fields where analytical methods using HPTLC can be developed

HPTLC methods

Please find below the various HPTLC methods in detail which can be implemented in your laboratory as well. Kindly reach out to us at lab@anchrom.in incase you have any queries

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Application note for caffeine content in decafenated green tea or in cofee quality
Application note for papapya seed in black pepper
CBS 123 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in road surfaces
CBS 120 Degradation profiling of cefixime and azithromycin (antibiotics)
CBS 125 Characterization of E472 food emulsifiers by HPTLC fingerprints web
CBS 125 Screening for natural cosmetic preservatives by HPTLC EDA web
Palm oil adulteration in cocoa butter
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