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Thin layer chromatography

Wet chemistry is a proven method for analysis of samples in environmental, industrial, research, and quality control applications. The SmartChem Series is a wet chemistry platform for automated photometric and electrochemical analysis.




Thin layer chromatography
  • Extensive physical chemical analysis of drinking water, wastewater, and soil samples.
  • Multi-parametric (consolidation) automated platform
  • Photometric and Electrochemistry analysis
  • Automated integrated reagents and samples barcode reader (optional)
  • Automated start-up to instrument readiness
  • Low water consumption
  • IF THEN driven test sequences
  • Programmable and monitored cuvette wash module
  • Reagent inventory system and liquid level sensing
  • pH/Cond/ORP and Nitrate add-on modules available
  • Available ready-to-use reagents for diverse methods


Anchrom books

Water and environmental

Anchrom books

Soil, plants and fertilizers

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Food and feed

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Beverages, wine and beer

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SmartChem analyzers are available in different configurations, running up to 600 tests per hour. Their versatile sample and method loading capacities, together with their optional analytical modules, allow a complete walkaway solution for your wet chemistry testing.

Anchrom HP-TLC - Forensic Analysis

SmartChem 210

  • Up to 210 tests/hour
  • Benchtop analyzer
  • Up to 60 sample positions
  • Up to 32 reagent positions
Anchrom HP-TLC - Food Analysis

SmartChem 450

  • Up to 450 tests/hour
  • Benchtop analyzer
  • Up to 100 sample positions
  • Up to 72 on-board reagents
Anchrom HP-TLC Herbal Applications

SmartChem 600

  • Up to 600 tests/hour
  • Floor-standing analyzer
  • Up to 200 sample positions
  • Up to 100 on-board reagents


Thin layer chromatography

SmartChem analyzers use reusable cuvettes via their built-in wash module, allowing a true walkaway experience for operators because there is no cuvette or similar consumable reloading required during the programmed analytical series. With the SmartChem Series, you receive up to 200 samples of loading capacity, which means there is no limit to the number of tests you can run on each sample. There is always an optically checked and ready to use cuvette available after each wash cycle.

The SmartChem wash module and cuvette analytical performance are tested in-house and in many locations where our analyzers operate daily, ensuring no cross-contamination. Additionally, special wash rules can be programmed for specific methods.


SmartChem Series software makes operating your analyser simple. The user interface fully replicates the instrument for the operator, making it easy to set-up and run tests. After loading all required reagents, controls, calibrators and samples, the operator sets up the work plan, including any required IF-THEN testing and reflex testing iterations as per method or laboratory requirements. Once the test routine is finished, all results are presented in a report that can be exported to LIMS

SmartChem intuitive User Interface provides the operator a complete control and visualization of the instrument’s operation and performance. SmartChem 210, 450 and 600 platforms share the same software operation structure, meaning operators can exchange instruments without the need to learn new working modes.

The SmartChem Software suite allows a complete configuration to its different operators: from basic setup and operation to advance users and method configuration / development.

Thin layer chromatography

Pre-made Reagents

Thin layer chromatography

We offer a full range of enzymatic and colorimetric reagents dedicated to our SmartChem series of discrete analyzers. Developed, tested and validated by our application laboratory, they will guarantee perfect stability and reproducibility of your analyses.

Very easy to use, they are liquid, supplied in specific bottles made for SmartChem®. This ready-to-go solution greatly simplifies the preparation of your analysis and facilitates the use and storage of reagents. It also secures your analyses with reagents adapted to your application and your instrument.

For more technical details please download our brouchure and analytical parameters document

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