HPTLC analysis


Thin layer chromatography

Continuous flow analyzer (Segmented flow analysis) is a traditional and proven technique for environmental, tobacco, soil, fertilizer, wine, food and feed and other industries. Since its inception in the second half of the twentieth century, this technique has become a reference in different disciplines of chemical analysis.

For over 30 years, the AMS Alliance brand of products has been a leader in developing and innovating segmented flow analysis technologies that exceed our customer’s needs. The FUTURA platform reflects this experience in the market and provides a complete and reliable laboratory solution for automatic testing of a wide range of parameters.


Thin layer chromatography

FUTURA can be integrated with our full automation module, allowing start-up and shutdown to be completed autonomously from a designated PC. This enables unattended testing without compromising reagent overuse.

FUTURA configurations can be built with up to 14 consoles (independent analytical channels), allowing for all levels of complexity to be managed for your laboratory

FUTURA has been designed to operate with high productivity and efficiency for all chemistries – from simple to the most complex analysis.


Laboratories use FUTURA 3 to perform tests on important parameters in water and soils (drinking, waste, surface, sea and ground water), tobacco, and beverages such as:

Drinking Water Waste Water Sea Water Soil /Fertilizer Tobacco Wine Dairy
Ammonia Enzymatic sugars Nitrate
Nitrates/Nitrite, TKN Nitrite Free Total SO2 Nitrite
Phosphate, TP, TN Cyanide Volatile acidity Formaldehyde
MBAS Silicates Cr Starch Reducing sugars
Phenol Chloride K Sorbic Acid


  • Method-dedicated analytical console approach
  • Up to 14 consoles can be run simultaneously
  • Integrated console display to monitor and adjust your method & chemistries
  • Integrated reagent drawer to minimize spills
  • Three-speed, high-precision pump
  • Choice of macro and micro flow manifolds
  • Optional dual probe on all autosamplers
  • Physical and software driven debubbling
  • Wide range of samplers and accessories
  • Compliance with reference methods
Thin layer chromatography


Full automation of all chemistries is handled by in-line pre-treatment and 100% automation: dialysis, distillation, UV digestion, injection, dilution, mixing, incubation and liquid/liquid extraction.

DBS MS 500 DBS MS 500

The automation of complex chemistries is facilitated by the «full auto» module (optional), which automatically handles the external modules and accessories. This operation is easy to run using FUTURA software.

The fully automated process includes programmable start-up and shutdown, preparation of standard solutions, pre- and post-dilution of off-range samples, and automatic rinsing. FUTURA combines automation and modularity for superior performance.

  • High precision 3-speed peristaltic pump, including independent electronic and detector module with single or three-speed (depending on model).
  • Multiple path length flow cells 5 to 50 mm (longer path lengths can be defined) for a wide variety of analytical ranges, which guarantees the best accuracy (according to the parameter).
  • Digestion or in-line distillation modules for automatic sample preparation (integrated on some devices or samplers).
  • 3 detectors available:
DBS MS 500

Vis Colorimeter (In Standard)

DBS MS 500

Flame photometer for Potassium and Sodium analysis

DBS MS 500



The FUTURA analytical software is dedicated to CFA (Continuous Flow Analysis) technology. It prepares calibration standards, runs samples and quality controls, dilutes any out-of-range samples, prints reports and QC charts, exports data to LIMS, washes out the manifold and manages shutdown operations

The software is user-friendly, efficient and powerful, designed to simplify your day-to-day operations. It runs the analysis of all parameters on each channel (up to 14 channels) and drives auto-samplers and accessories for automatic sample preparation.

During analysis, the software monitors all performance details (heating bath temperature, voltages, detector outputs) and alerts the user of any problems

Thin layer chromatography

For more technical details please download our brouchure and analytical parameters document

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