Anchrom HPTLC Application lab

HPTLC Applications

World’s first Application Lab by a dealer was established by Anchrom in 1989. This lab today occupies almost 1800 sq.ft. space, has 13 analysts and all the latest CAMAG software and instruments.
This lab enables everyone to evaluate HPTLC, CAMAG and Anchrom before they decide to buy HPTLC. This lab is the reason why CAMAG-Anchrom have more than 95% share of the Indian market since decades. Free-training on latest CAMAG HPTLC has been given by us since 1994 to post-graduate and Ph.D. students, their teachers and government lab employees.
New method development is our forte and commercial sample analysis is not done by us. Concerned persons are welcomed to be present during their analysis. We have analysed more than 900 different substances, analysed more than 12,000 samples and trained free of charge, more than 5000 analyst. Anchrom intends to be the world leader in HPTLC applications. Another concrete step in that direction is the installation of the latest “CAMAG Pro” HPTLC system in November 2019. It is the world’s first outside CAMAG.

Lab Overview

800 +

organic chemicals analysed

5000 +

free training

12000 +

free analysis

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Mr. Dilip Charegaonkar, Anchrom’s founder is India’s first Analytical R&D Analyst in Indian pharma industry. His vision to start a lab based business took 16 years to materialise i.e., from 1978 to 1994. This India-specific Applications Research Lab has contributed significantly towards Indian chromatographers community.